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In fur and feathers
Four-legged and bewinged creatures in the collections
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Explore fashion and costume through our collections
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Porcelain from the Gustavsberg collection
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Greta Garbo
The Movie Star in the Swedish National Portrait Gallery
Women Artists
A selection from Nationalmuseum´s collections
Queer: Desire, Power, and Identity
How have views on homosexuality and homoeroticism coloured the image of art and artists over the ages?
Masters of Darkness
Caravaggisti in the collections
Swedish 19th Century Paintings
Carl Gustaf Tessin's collection
Carl Larsson
Friends and Enemies
Light and Darkness
Famous and Forgotten Art Treasures from Nationalmuseum
Artist Portraits in Nicola Pio's collection
The Love Tour
Expressions of love in our collections
The 19th century's landscape artists directed the nature they painted to a dramatic experience. Can you capture some of nature's drama with your mobil
كريتا كاربو
كريتا كاربو نجمة سينمائية من مقتنيات صور المتحف
النساء الفنانات
                                                  سؤال السلطة والهوية
أبرز الأعمال الفنية
معلمو العتمة
 الضوء والظلام
كارل لارسون - الأصدقاء والأعداء
Dutch Drawings in Swedish Public Collections
Nationalmuseum houses Sweden's largest collection of drawings by the Dutch masters. This illustrated catalogue is the result of extensive research wor
Italian Paintings - Three Centuries of Collecting
Volume I of the first ever catalogue raisonné on the Nationalmuseum’s collection of Italian Paintings, published in 2015.
Italian Architectural Drawings