• TitleThor
  • Technique/ MaterialCarrara marble
  • DimensionsDimensions: (h) 280 cm
    (h x b x dj) x 150 x 88 cm
    (massa) 2360 kg
  • DatingMade 1844
  • Artist/Maker Artist: Bengt Erland Fogelberg, Swedish, born 1786, dead 1854
  • CategorySculpture
  • Inventory No.NMSk 393
  • AcquisitionGåva 1865 Baron Oscar
  • ExhibitedNationalmuseum, Room 1280 The Sculpture Courtyard
  • Description
    Images and media

    In Norse mythology, the thunder god Thor rides across the sky in a carriage drawn by two goats. He watches over the world, destroys evil giants and brings order out of chaos. His belt of power and iron gloves provide strength, and when he gets angry he swings his hammer Mjolnir to create lightning and thunder. Thor is similar to the Roman demi-god Hercules, but the hammer, the buckskin clothes and the peaked boots point to a Nordic god.