The Artist Jeanna Bauck
  • TitleThe Artist Jeanna Bauck
  • Technique/ MaterialOil on canvas
  • DimensionsDimensions: (h x b) 106 x 85 cm
    Frame: (h x b x dj) 116 x 95 x 6 cm
  • DatingSigned 1881
  • Artist/Maker Artist: Bertha Wegmann, Danish, born 1847, dead 1926
  • Depicted PersonJeanna Bauck, Swedish, born 1840, dead 1926
  • CategoryPaintings, Paintings
  • Classificationpainting
  • Inventory No.NM 2828
  • AcquisitionGift 1930 Ms Toni Agnes Möller-Wegmann
  • Collection Ljus och mörkerKvinnliga konstnärer الضوء والظلامالنساء الفنانات
  • Description
    Images and media

    Jeanna Bauck meets the viewer’s gaze, in a portrait that conveys a strong sense of her presence. She is shown as a professional woman, of value in her own right. Bertha Wegmann combines the free, independent female ideal of the period with elegant middle-class femininity. The artist Bauck has her professional attributes by her side: brushes, palette and painting rags. She holds a book, symbolising her position as an intellectual. Behind her, through the window, we can make out the rooftops of Paris.