Diana and Endymion
  • TitleDiana and Endymion
  • Technique/ MaterialOil on canvas
  • DimensionsDimensions: (h x b) 25 x 35 cm
    Frame: (h x b x dj) 39 x 49 x 5 cm
  • DatingSign. 1768
  • Artist/Maker Artist: Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée d.ä., French, born 1725, dead 1805
  • CategoryPaintings, Paintings
  • Inventory No.NM 842
  • AcquisitionÖvertagande 1866 från Kongl. Museum (1792 Gustaf III)
  • Description
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    The handsome shepherd Endymion like to sleep on Mount Latmos where he was discovered by Selene, the moon goddess, or by Artemis, goddess of hunting. By inducing in him a never-ending slumber she was able to kiss him and to preserve him for herself for ever more. To what extent Endymion was agreeable to this is not clear. The mythical themes of love, sleep, death and immortality can be interpreted in Platonic terms. But it is claimed that the couple had some fifty daughters.