"The Kitchen Maid"
  • Title"The Kitchen Maid"
  • Technique/ MaterialOil on canvas
  • DimensionsDimensions: (h x b) 78 x 64 cm
    Frame: (h x b x dj) 105 x 92 x 8 cm
  • DatingMade 1651
  • Artist/Maker Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn, Dutch, born 1606, dead 1669
  • CategoryPaintings, Paintings
  • Classificationpainting
  • Inventory No.NM 584
  • AcquisitionTransferred 1865 Kongl. Museum
  • ExhibitedNationalmuseum, Room 1621 17th century
  • Collection Highlightsأبرز الأعمال الفنية
  • Description
    Images and media

    Around 1650 Rembrandt produced several similar half-length paintings of women, reminiscent of The Kitchen Maid. His vivid image of a girl at a window is painted with broad brushstrokes and sharp contrasts between light and shadow. The warm red of the jacket offers a harmonious contrast to the white blouse and the dark background. The painting was owned by Count Johan Gabriel Stenbock, who travelled abroad, including to the Netherlands, in the 1670s.