• NameAugust Strindberg
  • Activity/Titleartist, author
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namespseudonym: Ulf Härved
    fullständigt namn: Johan August Strindberg
  • Nationality/DatesSwedish, born 1849-01-22, dead 1912-05-14
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Stockholm, Sweden
    Place of death: Stockholm, Sweden
BiographyAuthor. He interrupted commenced studies in Uppsala without a degree and lived a precarious financial existence as a journalist until 1874 he was employed as eo assistant curator at the National Library and related social security. He married in 1877 with Siri Wrangel, born von Essen. Engaged imaging during restricted periods. His first oil painting he did in 1872 (it is now lost), and the year after he painted a series of landscape images from Kymmendö and Sandham.
Stormy Sea. Buoy without Top Mark
Stormy Sea. Broom Buoy
Little Water, Dalarö
Coastal Landscape
The Town
Pocketbok. Ensam [Alone]
The White Mare II