• NameJacopo Palma il Giovane
  • Activity/Titlepainter
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesstavningsvariant: Jacopo Palma Giovane
    stavningsvariant: Jacopo Palma
    stavningsvariant: Jacopo (il
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, born c. 1548, dead 1628
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Venedig, Italien
    Place of death: Venedig, Italien
Christ and Thomas
St. Sebastian Seated on a Rock
A Group of Men Gathered Round Two Men in a Carriage
Dike, Goddess of Justice
Judith och Holofernes
Madonna in the Sky Worshipped by Two Saints
Preparatory Study for Altar-piece
Christ in Emmaus
Venus in her Chariot, Surrounded by Angels
The Feast of the Passover
Amor and a Small Bacchus
Tarquinius and Lucretia
Cain and Abel
David Gives Thanks to God for the Victory over Goliath
Mary Magdalen
  • Jacopo Palma il Giovane
Studies of Heads
Two Studies of a Woman's Head
Praying woman
Woman with Clasped Hands, Semi-profile Right
Five Figure Studies
Study for a Madonna and Child