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  • NameGherardo Starnina
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, active during första fjärdedelen av 1400-talet
BiographyGherardo Starnina was an exponent of the
International Gothic style. He is first mentioned
in the records of the Compagnia di San Luca
in Florence in 1387. Documents show that he
worked extensively in Spain. Between 1393 and
1401 he executed frescoes and panel paintings in
Valencia and Toledo. A few fragments are preserved
of his frescoes from 1404 in Santa Maria
del Carmine, Florence, likewise of his works in
the church of Santo Stefano in Empoli, including
the Life of the Virgin from 1409. Graphic elegance
and vibrant colours distinguish Starnina’s style,
and he has been identified with the Maestro del
Bambino Vispo (Jeanne van Waadenoijen).
St Hugh of Lincoln and St Benedict of Nursia