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  • NamePeeter Meulener
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1602, dead 1654
BiographyPieter Meulener painted battle scenes. He was
the son of the painter Jan Molenaer and for some
time his pupil. In his youth he was also apprenticed to
Sébastian Vrancx and he became a master in
Antwerp’s Guild of St. Luke in 1631/1632. Meulener’s
early works betray the influence of his teacher
SebastienVrancx as well as of Peter Snayers, the latter
in particular where his palette is concerned. After
1645 his use of colour became more distinct and in
this period he was influenced by Pieter Palamedesz
and Pieter de Neyen. His works have often been
attributed erroneously to Pieter Palamedesz.
The Siege of Magdeburg (1631)
The Battle of Nördlingen (1634)
The Battle of Nördlingen II
The Battle of Nördlingen III