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  • NamePierre Bullet
  • Activity/Titlearchitect
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/Datesborn 1639, dead 1716
BiographyPierre Bullets krets [hans skola] var verksam från ca 1670 till ca 1716.
St-Louis-en-l'Île, Paris. Elevation of facade
Palace. Partial elevation of facade, cross section and plan detail
Draft for Partial Elevation of a Palace, with Figural Decoration in the Tympanum above the Median Risalit
Gatehouse. Elevation, sections and plan. Also sketches of urns
Château d'Issy. Elevation of entrance facade
Château de Champs. Project for facade elevation
The Bastille, Paris. Plan and a small section
The Bastille, Paris. Plan and section of one of the eight round towers, the uppermost part
Chimneypiece with Overmantle Mirror and Surmounting Panel
Chimneypiece with a Mirror and Surmounting Panel. Elevation
Partial Wall Decoration with a Chimneypiece, Mirror and Door
Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin, Paris. Plan of church and convent
The Maison de Saint-Louis, Saint-Cyr. Perspective view
Château de Champs. Unfinished elevation of court facade
Skiss till fasad för boningshus, elevation
Townhouse. Two alternative elevations of facade portions and an unfinished cross section
Window Surround för the Archbishop's Palace in Bourges. Also some sketches of details
Study for Overdoor
  • Study for Overdoor

  • Pennteckning i svart, röd- och svartkrita, blyerts på papper
  • (h x b) 23 x 37
  • Utförd av: Pierre Bullet, born 1639, dead 1716
  • NMH THC 5730 verso
Hôtel Crozat, Place Vendôme, Paris. Section through the stairwell
Château de Champs. Wall elevation
Château de Champs. Wall elevation
Moulding Profile
  • Moulding Profile

  • Pennteckning i svart över blyerts på papper
  • (h x b) 32 x 41
  • Utförd av: Pierre Bullet, born 1639, dead 1716. Uncertain attribution to
  • NMH THC 5941 verso
Chimneypiece with Overmantle Mirror
Study for Recto's Chimneypice with Overmantle Mirror. Two alternatives
Steps Leading to a Narrow Building. Plan
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