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  • NameLambert Hondt
  • Activity/Titlepainter
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesLambert de Hondt
  • Nationality/DatesNetherlands, born before 1620, dead before 1655-02-10
Biographylambert de hondt i painted genre paintings,
Landscapes and history and battle paintings. In some of
his works the influence of Peter Snayers and David
Teniers II can be traced. His career extended from 1637
to 1665. Walter Bernt is one of a number of writers that
make no distinction between Lambert de Hondt I and
Lambert de Hondt II. The latter also painted genre
paintings, landscapes and history and battle paintings.
He also drew cartoons for tapestries in Brussels.
  • Landscape

  • Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: (h x b) 61 x 93 cm
  • Artist: Lambert Hondt, Netherlands, born before 1620, dead before 1655-02-10. Manner of
  • NMDrh 557