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  • NamnPaul Scott
  • Verksamhet/Titelkeramiker
  • Könman
  • Nationalitet/ Levnadsårengelsk, Född 1953
Biografi"Paul Scott lives in Cumbria, North West England, in the type of rural area, which often attracts craft potters. Scott however, has gained international prominence in promoting a practice at odds with the traditional truth to materials and form/function concerns of craft potters, and indeed, of many studio ceramists. A leading proponent of ceramics and print, he has been instrumental in demonstrating the contemporary creative potential of a combination used in industry for hundreds of years to mass-produce decorative wares and tiles. The industrial associations of printed ceramics, the absence of direct traces of the maker's hand and the apparent lack of integrity in mechanically produced imagery, has not recommended this approach to ceramics purists. A decade ago finding print in a piece of studio ceramics would have been unusual, but it is now becoming a relatively common occurrence, not least because of Scott's pioneering example." Dr Stephanie Brown, Keramiek Magazine June 2001 hämtad från Paul Scotts hemsida www.cumbrianblues.com 23/10 2007
Fat, A Millenium for Sellafield or Plutonium is for Ever (well 24 Millenia anyway)
Keramiskt objekt, Leaning tree T/5/13/09/05