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  • NameJan Wijnants
  • Activity/Titlepainter
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesstavningsvariant: Jan Wynants
    stavningsvariant: Jean Wynants
    stavningsvariant: Jan Vijands
  • Nationality/DatesNetherlands, born c. 1630 or 1635, born c. 1630 or 1635, dead before 1684-01-23
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Haarlem, Nederländerna
    Place of death: Amsterdam, Nederländerna
BiographyKälla: AKL, CD-rom, ThB XXXVI, 1947, 329 ss. Künstler. Beruf: Landschaftsmaler, Schankwirt ;
Geburtsdatum: (um) 1630/1635 ; Geburtsort: Haarlem? ; Todesdatum: (vor) 1684.01.23 ; Erwähnungsort: Rotterdam; Amsterdam

Grove Art Online: Wijnants, Jan (Dutch painter, ca. 1635-1684) ; Note: Wijnants was probably born in Haarlem; his year of birth is contested but is probably ca. 1630-1635. ; Roles: artist (preferred), painter,
landscapist ; Birth and Death Places: Born: Haarlem (North Holland, Netherlands), Died: Amsterdam (North Holland, Netherlands)

ULAN: Wijnants [Wynants], Jan [Johannes] ; (b ?Haarlem, c. 1635; d Amsterdam, bur 23 Jan 1684).
Dutch painter. Suggested dates for his birth range from 1605 (Bode) to 1635 (Brown); Bredius’s proposed birthdate of c. 1630/35 (rejected by Hofstede de Groot and MacLaren) is almost certainly correct, with the later part of this period being the most acceptable.
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