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  • NameFredrik Sparre af Söfdeborg
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesalternativt namn: Fredrik Sparre
  • Nationality/DatesSwedish, born 1723-03-07, dead 1747-12-30
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Karlskrona, Sweden
    Place of death: Stockholm, Sweden
Sketch for an overallplan with building and garden
Sketch for a dessus-de-porte
Part of an interior, door with dessus-de-porte etc. Elevation with profiles
Sketches for lattice, two gardenplans,, one facade for a pavilion
Sketch for a latticework
Project for pavilion with rustication,(funeralchapel?), with heavy walls. Elevation of frontfacade
Project for a building over a well.(The well at Lyckeby). Elevation and plan.
Project for a barrack; elevation of façade and two floorplans
Sketches for two interiors; elevations
The house of Hindrich Hildebrands at Stora Nygatan in Stockholm; elevation of the streetfacade
Project for a mansion, elevation of the courtfacade
Project for a mansion; elevation of the gardenfacade
Floorplan of a mansion; project for rearrangement or new construction
Floorplan of a mansion; project for rearrangement
Project for interiordecoration; elevation of wall with candelabras and profiles
Project for interiordecoration, wall with windows and dessus-deporte
Sketch for interior with; two doors, dessus-de-porte and urns
Project for interior; wall with two doors and two urns
Project for interiordecoration; wall with three windowopenings and two portrait paintings
Sketches for roomplans
Sketch for a dessus-de-porte
Sketch for walldecoration
Sketch of a landscape
Plan for a townapartment, with project for an extension
Project for reconstruction with two plans for a smaller house or a maison de plaisance
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