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  • NamnPrue Venables
  • Könkvinna
  • Nationalitet/ Levnadsåraustralisk, Född 1954
Biografi[2002-06-19] My particular interest is in the making of functional pots - simple objects to be held and used provide a lifetime of challenge and excitement. Recent pots are thrown, then altered when wet. New bases are added at the leatherhard stage. The thrown clay becomes a building material
rather than a finishing point - completed pieces retaining the sprung tension of their thrown origin.
I enjoy the contradictory nature of these pieces - where apparent simplicity conceals a laborious making process. I use porcelain clay, high fired to a soft, luminous, translucent quality. Earlier references to 18th. and 19th. century English industrial pottery remain significant. More recent influences include simple metal and plastic vessels- such as oil cans and metal toffee tins remembered from childhood. Källa: http://www.lexicon.net/world/other/venables.htm [JML]
  • Skål

  • Stengods. Blygrå, glänsande glasyr
  • Mått: (h x l x b) 13,2 x 24,5 x 21 cm
  • Komp. troligen 2000
    Utf. troligen 2000
  • Komp. och utförd av: Prue Venables, australisk, Född 1954
  • NMK 180/2002