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  • NameLeonardo da Vinci
  • Activity/Titlevetenskapsman
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, born 1452, dead 1519
Mönsterförlaga till broderi
Troligen Lisa Gherardini, gift Giocondo, kallad La Gioconda, Joconde resp. Mona Lisa
Anna själv tredje
Two grotesque male heads
Four Grotesque Faces
Two fish
Eagle in a wreathe of oak leaves
St Francis kneeling to recieve the stigmata and a study of a head
Mona Lisa
Portrait of a Young Girl
  • Portrait of a Young Girl

  • Silverpoint, shaded with black chalk, heightened with white with traces of red on the lips, on pink
  • (h x b) 14 x 11,6 cm
  • Leonardo da Vinci, Italian, born 1452, dead 1519. Manner of
    Former attribution: Timoteo Viti, Italian, born c. 1470, dead 1523
  • NMH 337/1863
Goddess Standing in a Chariot Drawn by Two Horses, of Which One is Falling