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  • NameClaude Audran III
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFrench, born 1658, dead 1734
Part of Dome Decoration of a Church, with Rich Arabesques and Figural Reliefs. Also study of ceiling coffering and a capital
Draft for a Rectangular Ceiling Decoration, One Half. Blank octagonal central panel and medallion with female portrait bust
Drafts for Two or Three Door Surrounds with Sculpted Overdoors, Each One Containing a Female Bust
Architectural Study. Entablature and decorative details
Bill Concerning Drawings Made for Mme Herval for Bed Hangings, a Palanquin etc. Also decorative details
Draft Letter Concerning the Death of Dauphin of France 1711
Sketches of Set Pieces Shaped like Fountains and Monuments
Régence Console Table with a Crowned Sphere on the Stretcher and a Chase Trophy below the Apron, Double Alternatives
Vignette or Overdoor. Angels blowing the trumpet flanking the letter L in a crowned mirror monogram
Draft for Mural Decoration of a Room. Walls ornate with Corinthian pilasters, overdoors, panels and niche statues
Draft for Corner of Ceiling Decoration. Two Alternatives with Urn, Octagonal and Oval Panels and Flanking Figures
Draft for Corner of Ceiling Decoration. Oval medallion flanked by sirens emerging from volutes
Panel for a Palanquin
Draft for Panel for a Palanquin
Study for Panel for a Royal Palanquin
Panel for a Palanquin. An alternvative lower part showing on a flap
Draft for Panel for a Palanquin
Aviary.  Elevation with an alternative upper part showing on a flap. Possible for Marly.
Drafts for a Series of Decorative Panels, for Walls and Doors
Draft for Dessus-de-porte
  • Draft for Dessus-de-porte

  • Röd krita, svart krita, vit krita på papper [Trois crayons / dessin aux trois crayons på papper]
  • (h x b) 16 x 30
  • Utförd av: Claude Audran III, French, born 1658, dead 1734
  • NMH CC 824 recto
The Lower Part of the Body of a Seated Draped Female Figure
A Series of Decorative Drafts, for Coffers and Ceiling Decorations
Textile Pattern with Repeated Quatrefoils with the Fleur-de-lis and Winged Torches as Alternating Motifs
Draft for Coffering(?) with Fleur-de-lis and Rosettes
Detail of Wall Elevation, Two Wall Panels with a Rosette in between and a Door Surround
    • of 1759