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  • NameDavid Klöcker Ehrenstrahl
  • Activity/Titlehovmålare, draughtsman
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesnamnvariant: David Kloecker
    namnvariant: David Klöcker von Ehrenstrahl
    namnvariant: David Klöker
  • Nationality/DatesSwedish, born 1628-04-25, dead 1698-10-27
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Hamburg, Germany
    Place of death: Stockholm, Sweden
BiographyGerman-Swedish painter, illustrator and art literary writers. Came to Sweden in October 1652 and hired the same year with the Dowager Queen Maria Eleonora. The years 1654-1658 were Ehrenstrahl study tours in Italy, France and England. He returned to Stockholm in August 1661 and became the Hedvig Eleonora appointed court painter December 16 that year. Knighted November 23, 1674, Court Intendant June 16, 1690.

In addition to individual portraits and group pictures did Ehrenstrahl allegorical suites at Drottningholm and the great plafondmålningen "Svea and virtues counsels of the Nobility" in Stockholm. In the royal mandates were also realistic portrait of the royal horses and other animals and hunting pictures.
The Arts Round the Bust of Queen Kristina of Sweden
Three Allegorical Figures Bearing the Portrait of Karl XI of Sweden
The Coronation of Karl XI of Sweden
Anna von Stenhagen
A Child with a Dog
Female Figure in Flight. Ceiling Painting
Prince Karl (XII) and His Sisters
Stående man
Stående man klädd i bröstharnesk
Erik Dahlbergh (1625-1703), greve, fältmarskalk, generalguvernör, kungl. råd
Johan Benedikt von Schönleben  (1613-1706), friherre, general, guvernör
Johan Siöblad (1644-1710), friherre, generalfälttygmästare
Kamel med förare
Fredrik IV, 1671-1702, hertig av Holstein-Gottorp
Karl XI, 1655-1697, King of Sweden, as Apollo Pythias
Karl XI:s kröning
Ulrika Eleonora d.ä.  (1656-1693), drottning av Sverige, förmäld med Karl XI
Karl XI  (1655-1697), konung av Sverige
Drottning Ulrika Eleonora d.ä.:s (1656-1693) kröning
Två små hundar
Hunden Plaisir
Hunden Fairfax med tjädertupp
Rast i skogen
Allegori över Sanningen
Ulrik (1684 – 1685), prins av Sverige
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