Dutch Drawings in Swedish Public Collections

Dutch Drawings in Swedish Public Collections

Nationalmuseum houses Sweden's largest collection of drawings by the Dutch masters. This illustrated catalogue is the result of extensive research wor

Nationalmuseum collection of drawings by the Dutch masters includes important works by Rembrandt and his pupils, as well as drawings by Abraham Bloemaert, Jan van Goyen, Herman Saftleven, Willem van de Velde, and many others.
This is a presentation of the drawings from Nationalmuseum's collections.

The 600 drawings in the catalogue include approximately 530 from the collection of Nationalmuseum. The remaining 70 works are housed at the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the National Library of Sweden, the Swedish National Archives, and other institutions. The vast majority of these small-scale masterpieces date from the 1600s. 130 of the drawings have never been published before.

The author of the catalogue is Börje Magnusson, a former curator at Nationalmuseum and an expert on older draughtsmanship. Each drawing is accompanied by text that describes the materials and artistic techniques employed in its creation, as well as other information related to the physical nature of the work of art. The motifs of the drawing, what previous scholars have said about it, the artwork’s previous owners, and (of course) its creator are also presented.

The catalogue is being published in collaboration with the German publisher Hatje Cantz.

The research behind the book was funded by the Getty Foundation. The printing of the catalogue is made possible through generous contributions from the King Gustaf VI Adolf Fund for Swedish Culture; the Magnus Bergvall Foundation; the Lars Hierta Memorial Foundation; the Royal Patriotic Society; the Ulla and Gunnar Trygg Nationalmuseum endowment; the Berit Wallenberg Foundation and the Åke Wiberg Foundation.

Portrait of a Boy
Seated Old Man
Portrait of Titia van Uylenburgh
Two Studies of Women with Children
Three cottages by a road
Standing Old Man Seen from Behind
Two Anglers by a River
Village Church
Seated Young Woman
Peasants Outside a Tavern
Italianate Landscape with Two Women and Cattle
A Herd of Animals in a Pond near some Ruins
Couple with a Mule
Woman and Two Cows at a Ford
Landscape with a Couple Mounting a Donkey at a Ford
Cock Pulling
Village Scene on a Stormy Day (The month of January)
A Flock of Sheep
Southern Landscape
The Old Hag
Cain’s Offering Refused
A River God and Ceres in an Ornamental Frame
 Soldier with a Dog
Bishop, Standing with Spread Out Arms, Bending Forward (Verso: See NMH 1644/1863)
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