• TitleJuno
  • Technique/ MaterialMarble
  • Dimensions(h x b x dj) 52 x 23 x 21 cm
  • Artist/Maker Unknown
  • CategoryAncient sculptures
  • Inventory No.NMSk 112
  • AcquisitionTransferred 1865 Kongl. Museum
  • ExhibitedNationalmuseum, Room 1621 17th century
  • Description
    Images and media

    The three antique sculptures have belonged to Nicolaas Rockox (1560-1640), mayor of Antwerp. Rockox was a friend of Peter Paul Rubens, who drew the herm in the middle for a series of prints of ancient authors and philosophers. The identification of the portrait-herm as the Greek orator Demosthenes has proved to be wrong. Instead, it portrays the poet Anacreon. The busts were bought by Queen Kristina and came to Stockholm around 1650.