Elizabeth I (1533-1603),Queen of England, c. 1586-87
  • Elizabeth I (1533-1603),Queen of England, c. 1586-87

    TitleElizabeth I (1533-1603),Queen of England, c. 1586-87
  • Technique/ MaterialWatercolour on vellum
  • DimensionsMått [dager]: (h) 3,2 cm
    Ram [med hänge]: (diam x dj) 5,4 x 1,3 cm
  • DatingMade 1586 - 1587
  • Artist/Maker Artist: Nicholas Hilliard, English, born 1547, dead before 1619-01-07
  • Depicted PersonQueen Elisabet, English, born 1533, dead 1603
  • CategoryPaintings, Miniatures
  • Geographical originEngland
  • Inventory No.NMB 2594
  • AcquisitionPurchase 2010 Hjalmar and Anna Wicander Fund
  • ExhibitedNationalmuseum, Kabinett 1421 Skattkammaren
  • Description
    Images and media

    New acquisition, July 2011:
    Elizabeth I, by Nicolas Hilliard (1547-1619)

    The collection of portrait miniatures at Nationalmuseum has been enriched with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England. The artist behind the portrait was the official court painter and the first grand name in English miniature painting, Nicholas Hilliard (1547-1619).

    The miniature is dated to 1586-87, when the Queen was in her fifties. There are about twenty known portraits depicting Queen Elizabeth I by Hilliard’s hand. Hilliard was the only artist authorized by the Queen to paint her portrait in miniature. The portrait bought by Nationalmuseum is rare since the Queen is seen from the side. In the other known portraits by Hilliard, she is usually shown en face.

    The acquisition of Nicholas Hilliard’s portrait miniature of Queen Elizabeth I is one of the most spectacular purchases that Nationalmuseum has made over the recent years. It was made possible by donations from the fund of Director Gunnar Hultmark.