• NamePeeter van Bredael
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesFlemish, born 1629, dead 1719
BiographyPeeter van Bredael was the oldest member of a
family of artists and the father of Jan Peeter, Joris and
Alexander Bredael. He was a pupil of David Ryckaert
III. After spending some time abroad, for instance in
Spain, he was active in Antwerp from 1648. He married
in 1648 and had eight children of whom three
were painters; Jean-Pierre I, Joris and Alexandre. In
1651 he was admitted as a master to the city’s Guild
of St. Luke. He specialized in market scenes and
landscapes in an Italianate style. His paintings sometimes
resemble Jan Brueghel I and his figure style
that of David Teniers.
Italian Market I
Italian Market II