• NameDavid Beck
  • Sexmale
  • Nationality/DatesDutch, born 1621, dead 1656
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Delft, Nederländerna
    Place of death: Haag, Nederländerna
BiographyDavid Beck kom till Sverige 1647 och stannade till 1651. .

According to Arnold Houbraken, David Beck
was a pupil of Anthony Van Dyck in London,
where he also taught drawing to the sons of
Charles I. He came to Sweden in 1647, probably
from the French court. During his time in
Sweden (1647-51), he primarily worked at
the court of Queen Christina, but also received
commissions from Duke Karl (later Charles X),
Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie and the Dowager
Queen Maria Eleonora. After Christina had
moved to Rome 1654, Beck once more entered
her service, and on her visit to France in 1656
he was also among her retinue. Beck mainly
painted portraits, which in compositional and
technical terms recall those of Van Dyck.
Only in exceptional cases did he produce
portraits in keeping with a more realistic
Dutch tradition.