• NameGiacinto Calandrucci
  • Activity/Titlepainter, draughtsman, printmaker
  • Sexmale
  • Variant namesalternativt namn: Diacinto Calandrucci
  • Nationality/DatesItalian, born 1646-04-20, born 1707-02-22
  • PlacesPlace of birth: Palermo, Italien
    Place of death: Palermo, Italien
BiographyGiacinto Calandrucci was born in Palermo. The
Sicilian artist Andrea Correa is perhaps most
likely to have been his first teacher. In his early
twenties Calandrucci moved to Rome, where he
was apprenticed in the studio of Carlo Maratta
(1625–1713). Here he developed his skilful
drawing, in the tradition of his master Maratta,
but often with a characteristic higher degree of
finish. Perhaps more than his drawing, Maratta
influenced Calandrucci’s painting, which often
expressed a similar muted air, despite a wide
chromatic range. In Rome and its vicinity, Calandrucci
painted frescoes for the Palazzo Barberini,
the Palazzo Colonna and the Palazzo Lante, and
for the Villa Falconieri at Frascati. In the church
of Sant’Antonio dei Portoghesi, he decorated
the Cimini Chapel with scenes of the Baptism
of Christ and painted the main altarpiece depicting
St Anthony. For the Capuchin monks at
the church of Santa Maria della Concezione he
painted a Virgin and Child, and in the church of
Sant’Andrea al Quirinale he painted the Blessed
Stanislaus. From private patrons as well as from
Pope Innocent XII (1615–1700), Calandrucci received
several other Roman commissions, many of
which he painted in collaboration with Giuseppe
Passeri (1654–1714). In 1703 Calandrucci returned
to Palermo, where he painted a St Rosalia and a
Madonna with St Basil and Other Saints for the
church of Santissimo Salvatore, as well as frescoes
for the vault of the oratory of San Lorenzo.
Calandrucci died in Palermo on 22 February 1707.